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  About Rent & Notice

      Your are all welcomed to stay with us in Kiri¡¦s House.

¡°    Children who are under 14 years old need to have adult to stay with.

  1. Please reserve room through website, telephone and facsimile.

  2. We won't accept walk-in guest. Please make a reservation in advance.

  3. Room deposit and agreement are equitable.
    We have Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau account, we also accept Paypal.

  4. Once you finished all the necessary procedure, you can move in Kiri¡¦s House.

  5. Please follow the rule of Kiri¡¦s House.

Contact us: kiri@kirihouse.net

Facebook: click here

We have
-Free travel consultant service and wireless service.
-We provide variety of entertainment. Like language exchange, TV game (PS2)...etc.
-Long stay discount. (At least 15 days)
-Best location (near MRT, bus station, shopping area...etc.) Kiri's House is in the most valued area in Taipei city.
-New decoration and housekeeping service everyday.
-Nice and friendliness service!!!!
-Free travel consultant service
-Free wireless service (24hrs)
-Free tea and coffee (24hrs)
-Free snack
-Free breakfast is provided.
-Free service of train, air-ticket booking and car renting are provided.
-Free shampoo and shower gel
-Every bedroom has cable TV (about 100 channels), clothespress, bed, desk, mirror, veranda and air conditioner etc.
-Free laundry
-DIY Kitchen has microwave, gas stove and baker...etc.
-Filtered drinking cold/hot water
-Telephone and faxing
-Free map and guides
-Our relaxing and comfortable living room has cable TV (about 100 channels), PS2, maps and guides, magazines, couches, air conditioning and Chinese style furniture.

@Important information@
* It is forbidden to smoke, take drugs, and drink alcohol inside the house
*All guests are responsible for maintaining the standards of our rooms and should be respectful within our establishment.
*The doors will be closed at midnight. 02:00 am is the latest time we allow entry into our house but you must let us know in advance.
* For safety reasons, all the visitors should register at Kiri's House before 22:00 p.m.
*Kiri's House will not be responsible for taking care of valuables of room guests, so please be sure to take your valuables with you when leaving your room.
*All the facilities and properties of Kiri's House are free, please treat our things with care
*Though we will provide daily housekeeping service, guests should try to keep rooms clean and to not waste resources for environmental protection.
*No excessive noise while staying at Kiri's House, no loud music, TV...etc.
*Be considerate of other guests.
*Check in after 15:00 p.m. Check out before 12:00 .

Please be informed we only accept payment in cash!